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Writer's Block: Ready, steady, read

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Dec. 5th, 2010 | 11:54 pm

What is the best book you've read this year, and why?

The best book I've read this year was actually a series, so I guess it kinda counts.
Something Borrowed & Something Blue by Emily Giffin were two amazing books that I read.
They were your typical girly books that take you away from real life, even if just for a few minutes, to read about the make-believe drama in someone else's life. Overall, I was really happy I read them because they helped me unwind at the end of a long and rough day. Emily Giffin is so talented <3

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from: kthx_die_x0
date: Dec. 6th, 2010 06:15 am (UTC)

I read "Love the One You're With" right around the time I was going through a bit of a rough spot considering my SO (I didn't actively seek the book out, just came upon it in passing. Best find ever! Lol). That book put so much into perspective, and I'm really glad I read it. I love her books, lol.

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